Trial & ORT Results

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ACSW NW2 Trial 17 Nov 2019 hosted by K9 NoseTime®

1st Place – High in Trial – NW2 title Airlie White with Badja

2nd Place – Naarilla Hirsch with Keshar – NW2 title

Partnership award – Airlie White with Badja

ACSW NW1 – 21 July 2019 – Hosted By K9 NoseTime®

Jenny & Chillee – Partnership Vehicles and overall 6th Place and NW1 title

Naarilla & Kishar – Partnership Containers, 3rd place Interiors and 5th place overall and NW1 title

Airlie & Badja – 1st place interiors and 9th Place overall and NW1 title

Laraine and Cam – 1st place Exteriors, 2nd place containers and vehicles, 3rd place overall and NW1 title

Level 1 element trial – interiors 1 March 2020 hosted by ACSW

Larraine & Cam (title)

Naarilla & Keshar (title)

Airlie & Badja (title)

Wendy & Izzy (title)

Jenny & Chillee (leg)