K9 NoseWork® Class Descriptions

K9 NoseWork® is a fun searching and scenting activity for all dogs, all breeds, all sizes including reserved, shy and reactive dogs.   It can have therapeutic benefits and will strengthen the bond between you and your canine mate.  We have classes covering all levels of this awesome sport and whether your in this for the fun or whether you want to compete in ACSW K9 NoseWork® Trials or ANKC Scent Work trials we can help!

Offering all levels of ACSW K9 NoseTime® / ANKC Scent Work classes in Douglas Park, Berrima, Wilton, Thirlmere & Camden NSW.    Available to travel for private lessons and group sessions.

Further Information re Classes & Which to Enter…


The Beginners class will introduce you and your dog to the wonderful sport of K9 NoseWork®.      We follow the K9 NoseWork® methodology in classes in that only 1 dog is worked at any time and all other dogs remain crated in a vehicle and there is no line of sight into the area where the dog is working.  The entrance and exit to the building are carefully organized so there is no dog socialization, thus allowing reactive dogs to participate in the sport and ensuring all dogs feel secure before, during and after their search.   We tap into the dogs natural hunting ability and allow the dog to make all the choices, thereby building confidence and drive to hunt.   The first 3 weeks of the course are done inside where we can control the environment somewhat and there are less distractions.         The dogs are introduced to the box game and problem solving and once they are confident with this inside, then we move the game to an easy outside location to introduce them to searching exteriors.     The main aim is to build the dogs confidence to hunt in all locations, ensure they feel secure at all times and for the handler and dog to have fun.

 Intermediate Class

Pre-requisite – must have completed a Beginners class.  The intermediate class will build on skills learnt in Beginners class and work on lead handling skills and working thresholds, corners and heights.    Depending on the teams skills, odour (Birch) may be introduced in week 3/4.

Novice/Odour 1

Pre-requisite – Intermediate class.  Introduces team to first odour of Birch.  Starts to prepare the team to compete in ACSW ORTs/NW1 trials and also Novice level ANKC Scent work trials

Advanced/Odour 2

Pre-requisite – Novice/Odour 1 Class.   Continue to build drive and independent searching with the dog – introduces second odour of Anise.   Continue to work on handler skills, thresholds, heights and corners and working with none food distractors.    Prepares the team to compete in ACSW ORT’s/NW1 & 2 trials and Novice and Advanced ANKC Scent work trials.

Excellent/Odour 3

Pre-requisite Advanced/Odour 2.   Continue to build drive and independent searching – working on threshold hides, corners and distractors (food, toys, auditory or visual).    This class will focus on working much harder odour puzzles at ACSW K9 Nosework® NW1/ 2 and Excellent level for ANKC Scent Work trials.

Masters/Continuing Nosework

Pre-requisite – Excellent/Odour 3 class.   This class caters for people trialling at all levels in ACSW K9 Nosework® Trials and ANKC Scent Work trials.  Challenging searches building on the need to re-visit low/high hides, thresholds, corners, inaccessible hides, converging odours and distractors.  Participants can nominate if there is something specific they would like to work on – class can be tailored to suit each teams needs.